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Sustainable, ecological and social resposibility

The Alpaca is one of the South Americans camelids that lives mainly in the highlands Andes of Peru over 10,000 feets above the sea level. The small ranchers that live in these remote places breeds them to shear its fiber once a year to sell it to the textile industry which is their main business.
The Alpacas born in the summer season of this highlands, between January and February, and are exposed to the rain, snow and freezing temperatures, so many of them die by these adverse natural causes, this are the alpaca furs that we buy and use to make our products.
By this way, we contribute to improve the income of the small communities that breed and live in this far and cold highland of the Peruvian Andes, which is the only economic activity they have to survive there.
Pima cotton is also a very valuable and natural fiber , farmed mainly by small farmers in the center and north coast of Peru, and is a very fresh and elegant fiber very suitable for summer and cold weather and with a soft texture, and it is very used in our textile industry and to make hand made garments
So it is also one of our main fibers used to make our original , functional and elegant garments


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