We a re a Peruvian company, passiona te and committed to the creation and production of clothing, accessories and household items , using native natural fibers; in order to make the quality and comfort of our products known to our national and international clients. Our commitment is to apply the Fair Trade criteria, the manual and design skills of our collaborators and suppliers, seeking the benefit of the community.


Crafts Perú Export S.A.C. It was initially founded in Lima in 2001, with the name of Knits & Crafts, at that time, our only products were made with pima cotton, woven by hand and machine; our first weavers belonged to an association that brought together women, mothers of families in the district of Villa El Salvador. Later, we added to this line clothing accessories such as vests, collars, purses, alpaca fur dolls, our main clients were Peru Art Craft and All Alpaca, 2 important Alpaca stores in Lima Peru.

Later, for personal reasons, we moved to our hometown Arequipa, where we decided to change our business name to CRAFTS PERU EXPORT SAC. Since we started our business, our intention was to make known to the world the softness and texture of cotton, as well as the elegance of alpaca. Likewise, our interest has always been to show the wonderful manual skill of our collaborators and at the same time transmit our creativity in the different designs of our products.

In 2009 we started exporting carpets to a large chain of stores and carpet distributor in the USA and currently we continue to export carpets to the American market, our end customers being very demanding, as well as celebrities and relevant people, etc. In 2014, we resumed the design of garments and accessories for women made with blends of cotton fiber, alpaca and sheep: collars, shawls, ponchos with details of alpaca fur and also stoles, wallets, scarves, slippers, collars, etc. made of alpaca skin and its combinations with different leathers, fabric and alpaca fabric. Since 2014, we have managed to introduce our products to the local market, under our brand KURMITAY, which comes from the words kurmi “cold winds” and taylliri “looms”.

Something very important that also motivates us to continue working is to be able to contribute to the economy of families that stop earning, when they lose their alpacas due to natural causes, as well as by recycling the skins, we contribute to our environment and the economy of the communities that raise them and we also support the farmers who grow the extraordinary Peruvian cotton. Our dream is to be able to reach the international market with our brand and continue to carry Peru’s name high to new markets such as Latin America, Europe and Asia.

KURMITAY is our commercial brand, which was born in 2014 as a result of our intention that our products have a Peruvian identity and to be able to commercialize them in the local and international market. In this way, we could show the world the extraordinary fibers we have in Perú and the wonderful hand skills and incredible creativity of peruvian people.

We make our alpaca and cotton products taking great care in all processes to get the best quality for our customers we have in USA, Australia, Canada, etc.



Urb. Quinta Samay
K-6-C, Cayma




+ 51 54 346 334
+ 51 995 600 018

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